Maryland Scuba Association is a not for profit corporation that is supported by scuba retailers that are authorized to sell the nations only authorized scuba license plate. MSA promotes diving by having divers display the tag on there vehicle. MSA works with entities like the Oyster Recovery Partnership, University of Maryland, Seagrant and other agencies that work to restore the quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

To obtain you own license plate, contact your locale dive store and ask if they support the MSA. If not call 410 946 2027 to find a member near you. You may mail your check for $15 to MSA 933 Evergreen RD Severn MD 21144 for the application. Fill out the application, if you take it to a satellite MVA your tag will be mailed to you. If you want to go the main MVA in Glen Burnie,  pay the one time fee of $25 and they will hand you your tags. For questions call 410 946 2027




Below are a few pictures of our oyster transplantation day at Horn Point Labs on the Eastern Shore.

Interested in helping out? Give us a call! And, while you're here, check out the pictures that were took at our last Oyster Transplant.


Bags of shucked oyster shells were placed on palates in a small cove located on the Eastern Shore at Horn Point Labs.







Wonderful facial expressions like this one were commonplace on the teenagers during the day-long ordeal. Makes you feel good, huh?








The palates, boats, and many other materials were supplied only by local groups and fishermen. The MSA is a non-profit group dedicated to helping out Maryland's waterways.






The labs and hatcheries at Horn Point are of the best utilized materials and volunteers. Come lend a hand and see what it's all about!







Yea, that one goes over there!









More to come, so check back frequently, and any updates will be listed on the front page